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FINN's Bio

When Finn (he/they) was just a young lad, most dear to his heart were the fish of the sea. They swam in lazy circles near the surface or disappeared into the murky gloom (only about a foot below in the soup of Long Island Sound). When time came for him to leave, he made a promise to the Pescarines: There are myriad life forms in this world, and each more intricate than the next, but never forget that all once came from the sea.


These days, and a long way from his old aquatic acquaintances, Finn is reminded of the promise as he cares for the lovely vegetable tenants of Borderlands Nursery & Seed. How much water can a plant drink before it just grows back its gills and swims away?

While not watering the plants, Finn can be found sitting in the shade, petting a cat or dog, and watching movies with friends.

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