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Jorge (he/him) is an ecology student at Sonora State University from Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico. Ever since his first botany class, Jorge became interested in plants and teaching, helping start the Native Plant Club two years ago. He’s participating in various projects in Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico. Jorge decided to participate in the BRN intern program, continuing to help shape and lead the Sonoran Field Course to continue learning more about native plants. Jorge would like to continue working with communities, helping them embrace their natural and cultural heritage while also helping companies achieve their environmental goals. 

“I’m currently working on my thesis on edible plants denominated quelites used by the people of Pueblo de Álamos and Sierra Huérfana to bring back some recipes that have so many cultural and nutritional benefits through bibliographic review, interviews, and field trips. In the future I would like to keep working with communities helping to embrace their natural and cultural heritage, and why not? Helping companies to achieve their environmental goals too. Right now, I’m so excited to be helpful in any way that is required.”

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