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Strategic PlaN

Strategic Plan Cover

Growing Forward: Strategic Plan 2022- 2027

We are proud to present our strategic plan for 2022-2027 and feel it establishes a bold yet achievable vision for growth and future impacts our organization will make, but also helps serve as a roadmap towards a deeper contribution to a regional restorative economy that benefits and supports our natural world, rather than depletes it.

Here at BRN, we believe building a restorative economy is an integral piece of our efforts and to the well-being of the borderlands. By working to preserve and restore our land and water, maintain habitats and corridors for native plants and wildlife, and support more resilient, equitable, and inclusive communities - we create sustainable livelihoods for people of the region, strengthen relationships, and stimulate nature-based economic growth.

The goals outlined in our plan expand upon our core programming and conservation efforts, increases availability of native seeds and plants, and focuses on relationship and coalition building with like-minded groups, organizations, and individuals to strengthen our collective work and the impact we are making together.

We invite you to learn more about our efforts and join us in growing forward as we rebuild, restore, and reconnect the borderlands together.

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