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Chuck as a board member has brought a wealth of knowledge in business practices, land use planning, governmental relations, and permitting processes. His expertise includes environmental planning, permitting associated with federal, state, and local agencies, transportation, and land development projects.

He served as the founding president of the first land trust in Utah, now known as the Utah Open Lands. As an adjunct professor at the University of Utah, Chuck taught courses in land use planning, environmental planning, growth management, and land use law. 


His expertise and experience have been built on over 30 years in the public and private sectors as an employee, consultant, adjunct professor, elected official and as a planning commissioner for both a city and a county. He fell in love with the desert 40 years ago and hasn’t gotten over it.  He and his wife Sarah are enthusiastic full-time residents of Patagonia and spend their summers in Montana. 

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