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Watershed Restoration Program Director

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Patagonia, AZ, USA

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Full Time



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Summary Description

This position serves as the program lead for the Watershed Restoration Program (WRP). Responsibilities include planning and implementing restoration projects within the Borderlands Wildlife Preserve and public and private land on both sides of the US - MX border region. The WRP Director, with the support of the Executive Director, develops, manages, and implements projects in close collaboration with other Borderlands Restoration Network programs and external partners, as well as leads grant research and writing in support of the program.

Supervises: Watershed Restoration Program Coordinator, Watershed Restoration Technicians and Crew Lead, Borderlands Wildlife Preserve Manager

Geographic Location: The Watershed Restoration Program is based in Patagonia, AZ. The WRP Director must be located in Patagonia or close enough to be physically in Patagonia during program execution.

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