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Image by Clay Banks


Border Barrier

Image by Greg Bulla

Borderlands Restoration Network supports conservation and immigration programs and policies that protect human and nonhuman life in the borderlands while encouraging cross-cultural communication and learning.

Therefore, we stand alongside border communities and organizations in opposition to physical barriers, activities, and policies that inhibit the inter-connectivity of wildlife, land, water, and people in the US/Mexico border region. 


While BRN recognizes the local and global demand for minerals, we believe that: 

  • current extractive mining practices unduly prioritize short-term economic gains over long-term ecologic wealth and economic health,

  • mining impacts on biodiverse ecosystems, like those found in the borderlands of Arizona and Sonora, are likely to be irreversible, and 

  • the major economic benefits of modern mining are realized far from the communities where minerals are extracted, while the negative impacts are mostly local. 

For these reasons, we do not accept funding from active mining companies, though we cautiously support revegetation efforts for historically inactive mines. 
Although BRN as an organization limits its interactions with extractive industries, we in no way discourage our employees or partners from fostering healthy relations with community members employed in the field. Healthy personal relationships with a diverse group of people often lead to positive change for the entire community.  

Image by Ivan Bandura
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