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Rodrigo's Bio

Dr. Sierra Corona (he/him) is a conservation scientist with over 20 years of experience researching and implementing conservation practices on endangered landscapes. He is a native of Queretaro, Mexico, having completed his Ecosystem Management doctorate in 2016 at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, working in the Chihuahuan Desert native grasslands. His Ph.D. work focused on the ecological interaction of black-tailed prairie dogs and domestic cattle, challenging the longstanding view of prairie dogs as an undesirable species. Rodrigo has worked on the recovery of black-footed ferrets, American bison, prairie dogs, and jaguars. He is also currently involved in understanding the US/Mexico border wall's effects on wildlife.
Rodrigo comes to BRN from his prior role as the Director of Ecological Management at the Santa Lucia Conservancy in Carmel, California. He brought both an academic and in-practice perspective to the Santa Lucia Preserve to improve its ecological integrity through the development and implementation of science-based management strategies designed around climate change adaptation and resilience with particular attention to wildfire patterns, drought, ecosystem connectivity, and biodiversity. Rodrigo oversaw biological monitoring and research, restoration, and conservation grazing programs.
Dr. Sierra Corona completed his bachelor's dissertation at BRN network partner Cuenca Los Ojos 20 years ago, following black bears and mountain lions and setting camera traps at the US/Mexico border. During this time, he heard the call, loud and clear, to work with nature to improve the ecological conditions of degraded landscapes.

Email: Rodrigo Sierra Corona

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