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Ron's Bio

Ronald Pulliam is the founder of Borderlands Restoration Network and Wildlife Corridors, LLC. He is also a founding partner of Borderlands Restoration, L3C. Ron is a Regents Professor Emeritus at the Eugene P. Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia.  His former positions include President of the Ecological Society of America, Director of the National Biological Service, Science Advisor to the Secretary of Interior, and Director of the Institute of Ecology.  

​Pulliam has also served on numerous boards and commissions, as an advisor to several major philanthropic foundations, and as chairman of the board of NatureServe. Pulliam has published over 150 scientific articles and books on topics including niche theory, foraging and flocking behavior, source sink dynamics, protection of endangered species, and the effects of climate and land use on plant and animal abundance and distribution. Among many awards received by Pulliam are the Distinguished Service Award from the Ecological Society of America and the Distinguished Landscape Ecologist Award from the International Association for Landscape Ecology.

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