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ZACH's Bio

Born in Phoenix and raised in Patagonia, Zach (he/him) is a true Patagonia local. With 15 years of experience working full-time construction jobs and 15 years professionally designing and building musical instruments, he brings significant experience and technical skills to his role as the Watershed Restoration Program Crew Lead.

Zach joined BRN in 2017 when he assisted with seed collection before transitioning to working with Borderlands Nursery & Seed. Zach was a key member in the development and creation of the Watershed Restoration Crew and has served as crew lead since its inception in 2018. Since then, he's led the crew in erosion control, revegetation, and invasive plant removal projects where he's developed a wealth of native plant and hydrological knowledge. He's built thousands of erosion control structures and studied restoration with many leaders in the field, making him one of the most experienced and skilled restoration practitioners in the area.

​Zach lives with his wife, Cassina, and their two dogs and one cat. In his spare time, he continues to design, build, and sell instruments made from native plants through his business, Homegrown Instruments. Zach always enjoys meeting and talking to people, so if you happen to run into him be sure to say hi!

​Email: Zach Farley

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